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What is Crossroads Caring for Carers?

Crossroads service is about improving the lives of carers by giving them time to be themselves and have a break from their caring responsibilities. Our aim is to provide a reliable service, tailored to meet the individual needs of each carer and the person they are caring for.

How did Crossroads Caring for Carers Begin?

The Crossroads service began in 1974 and, in the first year, supported just 28 families. Today Crossroads have approximately 140 local organisations throughout England and Wales. Together, they provide 4.6million care hours to more than 35,000 carers - that's the equivalent of over 525 years of care.

What does Crossroads Caring for Carers do?

The Crossroads team provides practical support where and when it is most needed - usually within the home. A trained Carer Support Worker will take over from the carer to give them 'Time to be themselves'.

What do Carer Support Workers Do?

Every situation is unique depending on the needs of the person being cared for. If someone has a physical disability or illness, a Carer support worker may provide very practical support / help with personal care, feeding, washing and dressing and assistance with other household tasks.

If someone has mental health problems, support may be more on the emotional side. If someone has Dementia, they may require someone to be with them all the time, so they dont come to any harm. 

All our Carer support workers have been trained to meet individual needs and follow nationally agreed standards and quality assurance systems. We apply rigorous vetting standards to all recruitment including enhanced criminal disclosure checks to try and ensure we only employ suitable staff.

Clients who receive our services should be confident that they are supported by a highly trained and qualified team of management staff and Carer Support Workers.

What areas do Sandwell Crossroads cover?

There are Crossroads Caring for Carers schemes throughout the UK. Sandwell Crossroads covers all areas within the Black Country. We cover Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton. 

Who can make a Referral?

Referrals are received from professional sources. These include Social Services, PCT's, GP's, District Nurses, Parkinson's Society, MS Society and Alzheimer's Society. Self-referrals are also welcome.

What happens after the Referral has been made?

Once a referral has been made, our Scheme Manager / Care Manager will contact the Carer to arrange a suitable time for a completion of our Risk Assessment. An individual care plan will be developed with both the Carer and the Cared for Person. It will detail time and days and frequency of agreed care visits. The care plan will be regularly reviewed.

What costs are involved?

The costing is varied and can be available free of charge depending on the source of the referral. Care can also be purchased through the Direct Payment Scheme or privately.

What tasks can the Carer Support Worker carry out?

  • Trained Carer Support Workers will take over from the Carer to give them 'Time for themselves'.
  • Personal Care - During daytime, evening, weekend or overnight.
  • Respite Care so the family carer has time to themselves.

Do you just work with the elderly?

No. Crossroads offers respite to all ages. our aim is to provide a reliable service tailored to meet the individual needs.

Are the staff paid workers or volunteers?

All Crossroads staff are paid workers.

Are the staff Police checked?

Yes, all staff are police checked and are not allowed to start until this check has been confirmed in writing and are confirmed to be suitable.

What training is given to the Carer Support Worker?

All Carer Support Workers receive induction, mandatory training and work towards NVQ Levels II & III.

What will happen if a Carer Support Worker is off sick or on holiday?

It is our intention where possible to find a replacement Carer Support Worker to cover the call.

Will i have the same Carer Support Worker?

Yes, it is the Crossroads philosophy to arrange on the rota for you to have the same Carer Support Worker. Crossroads feel you need to build up trust and feel a commitment from the continuity of a regular Carer Support Worker.