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Why do our Moving and Handling Training

FREE Moving and Handling Training for Family Carers

Why do our Family Carer Training?


Family Carers can benefit highly from our Moving and Handling Training which is delivered at home in a comfortable environment, with the equipment that is already in place. You may not feel entirely happy with how you are using your equipment or you may need a little bit more advice and assistance. Our Trainers are able to come out and answer any questions or concerns you may have at a time that is convenient for you. 


How can our Training help you?

  • Individuals feel pleased that they do not have to rely on other carers to hoist them in and out of bed, they feel they can have a more 'normal' life.
  • Couples often feel they can have more time together and be a couple.
  • Independance is increased as families do not have to rely on others.
  • Promotes Family unit and contributes towards community involvement within society.
  • Families are able to go out on trips together.
  • Builds up relationships with friends that may have diminished due to the individual being limited to going out.
  • Protects partner/family/clients health and well being with safe moving and handling techniques.


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